Agenda for 01/29/2010 WPTRT

IRC Channel #wordpress-themes
10am EST. Saturday

Theme Out Of Date –
1. Code the search to not include themes out of date, create new search for out of date themes – big “out of date” marker on the theme page for themes that are past a certain point.
2. Suspension for themes that haven’t updated past a certain point.

Swap out a couple of the featured themes.
Finalize Child Themes on repository guidelines for reviewing. (and recommendations to consider to coreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress. devs if any implementation is necessary)
WPTRT Base Theme
SEO Discussion Site vrs SEO Sales site, author uri, theme uri – this one is a given that a theme uri must point to a page specifically for the theme and author uri must point to a developement page for the author if the main author’s page is not a general blog site for the developer.

Anything else anyone want to toss in?