Customizer: Browse, Install, Preview Themes on Mobile

I tested the patch proposed on #37661 on Windows Phone 10 with the Edge browser. Here’s a visual record of that experience:

The biggest potential fixes I found were to show a loading indicator in the filters (next to the theme count button in the header?) when a new filter is loading, and to scroll the themes container to the top whenever a new section is opened or a search/filter is changed (which should be happening, but isn’t).

I should also note that since it is impossible to reorder images in galleries with Chrome on laptops that support touch, see #31652, I had to go to the text editor to fix one that jumped out of order when creating this post.

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Customize, Menus: Menu customizer, iPhone 6+

Core 4.3-alpha-32689 and Menu Customizer plugin 0.5-20150604.

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Visual Record: blog a web page with a picture using Press This


Visual Record: New post from B’ar, Nexus 5, Portrait


Visual Record: Press This

With Jetpack enabled, which adds the contact form button.

Mac OS, Chrome, 4.0-alpha

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 9.08.52 PM


Visual Record: Add media, iPad Air, Portrait


Visual Record: Front page to new post on an iPad Air