Editor, Video: video player controls hidden behind editor toolbar, iPhone 6+

The bottom image in this screenshot is a video. The player controls are obscured by the editor toolbar.   
You can view the controls by scrolling…


However, as soon as you release the swipe the video controls elastic bounceback back behind the editor toolbar. Capturing that screenshot required holding a finger on the screen while pressing home and lock at the same time.

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Focus and elastic bounce back, Macnchrome

When I ballistic scroll to the bottom of the editor while focused, the editor scrolls up once I hit bottom, evidently to make room for showing any meta boxes beneath the editor in the event of an unfocus. The mouse ends up exiting and reentering the editor when the elastic bounce back animation does its thing. This causes an unfocus/focus flicker. It’s pretty annoying when you’re moving up and down a document a lot. Perhaps not a common flow, but one I get into all the time when doing live note taking for the dev meetings.

Note also that the editor controls shift down a bit when scroll reaches the bottom, leaving a strip of white space above the controls.

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