Switching the site after adding images does not move media to new site, iOS app beta, iPhone 6+


I accidentally post to the wrong site often. In fact, I did it when making this post. I intended to post to make/flow but instead uploaded images to Garage Hobbit Abroad.

I didn’t notice I was uploading to the wrong site until after all of these images uploaded because the uploading progress indicator eclipses the blog context.

I’ve seen some experiments with forcing blog destination decisions up front, at the beginning of post creation flow. This is done with a dropown/flyout on create post icons or with an interstitial screen when initiating post creation flow from a global context. Once in the flow, blog switching is not allowed since switching once started means losing media additions and other changes. Switching blogs mid-flow requires discarding the post and rewinding back to the beginning of post creation flow. Discarding to rewind flow is similar to how Tumblr and other sites handle their post format flows (aside: not discarding and rewinding flow is why our post formats ui attempt failed and was pulled). Here’s a mockup of a dropdown style chooser on a create post icon when in global context.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 3.03.37 PM

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Add self-hosted site to iOS app, iPhone 6+

Captions forthcoming.

After adding self-hosted sites they often end up in both the self-hosted list and the WordPress.com list. Here, easyskank.in is listed in both place, as is make/core.


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The location of Add Media on phones

Core post-new.php puts Add Media above the editor and Preview, Save, and Publish below the editor. This is a desktop design that requires a lot of scrolling on mobile. Scroll up to Add Media. Scroll down to Preview and Publish. None of the buttons stay on screen persistently. There’s no joy here.

The My Sites editor on wordpress.com also puts Add Media above the editor and Preview, Save, and Publish below the editor in a semi-fixed bar. This bar often goes offscreen for me. Although not nearly as bad as post-new.php, this requires up and down scrolling.

Press This puts Add Media, Save, Preview, and Publish all in a fixed bar at the bottom. It is truly fixed and stays visible even when the browser’s bottom bar displays.

The iOS app puts add media in the editor bar attached to the keyboard. This requires tapping into the content area before adding an image. Tapping the image icon with the editor unfocused is a noop. This tripped me up often, at first. When I’m single image blogging, I’m not adding text content and don’t usually tap into the editor. I still occasionally get tripped, but I’ve gotten used to it and have come to appreciate having add media available even when the keyboard is up.

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Publishing a video to a wordpress.com blog with the iOS app, iPhone 6+

The 5.2 iOS app beta features a new media picker. Here’s a run through the picker uploading a single video to a wordpress.com hosted blog with an iPhone 6+.

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Android app 2FA, Nexus 5


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iOS app 1P and 2FA, iPhone 6+

Exercising 1P and 2FA support on an iPhone 6+ with iOS app version Clean run.


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Sharing multiple images from Photos to the WP app, Nexus 5, 2.9.1

To get around the lack of multi-select in the Android WP app, I make use of multi-select sharing on the Nexus 5.

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