Call for Testing: Gutenberg 4.1 Pre-release

The feature-complete version of Gutenberg (4.1) is now ready for pre-release testing! Gutenberg is currently the main focus for the testing group and it is the new editing experience in WordPress. The goal of Gutenberg is to simplify the creation of rich pages and posts in WordPress by replacing old custom HTML, CSS, and shortcodes with native Blocks.

UPDATE: Links have been updated to 4.1 RC 2 as of Oct 22, 2018, 12:11 PM UTC.

To help test, please download from the releases page or use the button above, install/activate the plugin, and try testing any of the items listed below (or anything listed in the 4.1 release notes). Testing even just a few items is helpful. All testing is welcome!

  1. Move around in a long post or page using block navigation. (10545)
  2. Add a video background using the Cover block. Try different browsers. (10659)
  3. Add a table block and change the style variation to striped using the Settings > Block sidebar. (1042810543)
  4. Use the Media & Text block to add side-by-side media and text. (9416)
  5. Resize things in the Media & Text block in various ways.  (9416)
  6. Accessibility: test the date picker. (7621)
  7. Accessibility: test the color picker using keyboard navigation. (10564)
  8. Check that each setting in More > Options works and persists when the page reloads. (10215)
  9. Add a list block and try pasting both single lines and multiple lines into it. (10614)
  10. Insert an image using a URL. (9264)
  11. Switch to an RTL language and try the LTR toggle button in the paragraph block. (10663)
  12. Add a quote block, convert it to a pullquote, convert it back to a quote. (10683)
  13. Add a quote block with a citation, convert it to a paragraph block, make sure the citation is still there. (10685)
  14. Embed some YouTube videos and make sure they look as expected in the editor and after publishing. (10411)
  15. Test the custom color picker for the button block on mobile. (10481)
  16. Test the responsiveness of the Columns block—still designated beta but improvements have been made, try just a few columns for now. (10541)
  17. Enable or disable Advanced Panels (AKA Meta Boxes) using More > Options. (10215)
  18. Bonus: test with Advanced Custom Forms (ACF) and check that you can toggle the Custom Fields meta box on/off using the More > Options panel. (10676)
  19. Bonus: test with Yoast SEO.
  20. There is more to test! See What’s new in Gutenberg? (19th Oct) and general needs-testing.

If you find a new bug, please file it in gutenberg on GitHub. Thank you!

Block developers: note the deprecation in 'core/editor' ).checkTemplateValidity has been removed. Please look ahead and keep an eye on deprecations in 4.2 as well! There are several coming up as prep for merging with WordPress 5.0 is now underway.

Please join us in #core-test on WordPress Slack any time if you have questions about testing!

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