Week in Test: July 1, 2024

Hello and welcome to another edition of Week in Testthe place where contributors of any skill level can find opportunities to contribute to WordPress through testing. You can find the Test Team in #core-test.

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Calls for Testing 📣

Calls for Testing can originate from any team, from themes to mobile apps to feature plugins. The following posts highlight features and releases that need special attention:

  • Help test WordPress 6.6 – We are currently looking for volunteers who can help us in testing the upcoming version.

Weekly Testing Roundup 🤠

Weekly update: Test Team Update

Here’s a roundup of active tickets that are ready for testing contributions.

Did you know that contributions with the Test Team are also a fantastic way to level up your WordPress knowledge and skill? Dive in to contribute, and gain coveted props 😎 for a coming release.

Reproduction Testing 🔁

Who? Any contributor.
Why? It is helpful to show an issue exists for other users in order to move a ticket forward for patching.

The following new tickets are awaiting review, and need testers to attempt to reproduce the reported issue (aka “repro”), and then provide a reproduction test report with the results:

Patch Testing 🩹

Who? All contributors (not just developers) who can set up a local testing environment.
Why? It is necessary to apply proposed patches and test per the testing instructions in order to validate that a patch fixes the issue.

The following tickets have been reviewed and a patch provided, and need testers to apply the patch and manually test, then provide feedback through a patch test report:

6.6 Related issues need testing

The following 6.6 tickets need testing those are having patches:

Profile Badge Awards 🎉

No Badges awarded this week.

Read/Watch/Listen 🔗

  • WordPress 6.6 RC1 was released on June 25. We are now in a hard string freeze. Note that the dev-feedback and dev-reviewed workflow is required prior to committing to the 6.6 branch (handbook reference).
  • WordPress 6.5.5, a security release, was shipped on June 24.
  • Gutenberg 18.6.1 was released on June 25.
  • We are currently in the WordPress 6.6 release cycle. The WordPress 6.6 RC2 release is scheduled for next Tuesday, July 2. Please review this post for an update about the Release CandidateRelease Candidate A beta version of software with the potential to be a final product, which is ready to release unless significant bugs emerge. Phase.

Upcoming Meetings 🗓

🚨 There will be regular #core-test meetings held for 2024.

July 2024 Schedule:

Interested in hosting a <test-scrub>? Test Team needs you! Check out Leading Bug Scrubs for details, or inquire in #core-test for more info.