Table Leads Needed for WCEU 2023 Contributor Day

WordCamp Europe is coming June 8-10 to the Megaron Convention Center in Athens, Greece, and brings an opportunity to participate in Contributor Day on the first day of the event. Last year, Contributor Day was overflowing with people from all around the globe, and in anticipation of a repeat in attendance, your help is needed to welcome new Test contributors, and provide a good space for open discussion.

In order to better support contributors interested in Test Team at the event, we are looking for 2-3 Test table lead volunteers who have experience on the team. Table leads talk about contributing in Make/Test, welcome and guide contributors toward resources, and overall, help new contributors make the most of their time at the event. See the handbook’s Test Table Leads section for more info on this role.

So, will you be at WCEU, and would you like to help lead the Test table? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️ Review the following items, and leave a comment below (or a message in #core-test, or DM @ironprogrammer or @Piotrek Boniu).

Don’t feel like “leading” at the table, but still want to help? That’s cool, too! Having other test contributors around in-person or online (in the #core-test and #contributor-day channels) is a great opportunity to meet and help out. Please leave a comment below if you plan to be at the event or are participating remotely, and how you’d like to help.

Props to @oglekler, @estelaris, @ugyensupport, @shiponkarmakar, and @boniu91 for peer review of this post.

#contributor-day, #wceu