Hallway Hangout: Discussion on Full Site Editing visions and plans (30 June)

This is a summary of a Hallway Hangout that was wrangled in the #fse-outreach-experiment channel as part of the FSE Outreach Program. Thank you to everyone who joined in!


@elmastudio @fabiankaegy @annezazu Lisa Synder @beckej @oglekler

Video Recording:


We mainly talked through the following different posts that help show both the complex problems at hand and potential thoughts around how to approach solutions:

Throughout the conversation, we had mini dives into various topics, including talking about comparing patterns, template parts, and reusable blocks. We also discussed how there are various layers in which to approach this work from the end user level to the deeper technical considerations. The hope throughout it all is to make these more complex and detailed explorations more understandable and engaging.

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