Interim Test Team Rep for remainder of the current term

One candidate was nominated during the open nomination period and accepted their nomination. The new interim Test Team RepTeam Rep A Team Rep is a person who represents the Make WordPress team to the rest of the project, make sure issues are raised and addressed as needed, and coordinates cross-team efforts. for the current term is Brian Alexander ( @ironprogrammer ).

He will partner with Piotr Boniu (@boniu91), who became a Test Team Rep in 3 August 2021.

Meet Brian Alexander

Brian Alexander @ironprogrammer

Brian has a background that ranges from graphic design to full-stack development, digital marketing, and customer support. Since being introduced to WordPress in 2007, he has loved exploring the many ways the platform can be extended and used as a serious content management system.

Within the project, he is a full-time sponsored contributor, served as co-Test Lead for 6.0, and is the current interim Test Team Rep.

Brian lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and daughter, and six egg-laying hens. He runs, cycles, plays the drums, and makes terrific homemade soap. And he never turns down a chance for a cup of good coffee.

You can read more about him on his profile page.