Test Team Reps for 2021+

Two candidates were nominated during the open nomination period, both of whom accepted their nominations. The new Test Team Reps for 2021 (and beyond) are Piotr Boniu (@boniu91) and Tonya Mork (@hellofromtonya)!

Meet Piotr Boniu

Piotr is fascinated by WordPress since 8 years. Firstly, it was just a fun for him, later it became a way to live. He attends WordCamps whenever possible since WCEU 2017 in Paris. In 2019 in Brighton he was a speaker.

Within the project, he served as the 5.9 Test Lead.

In his career, he’s transitioning into technical product management for a WordPress performance product company, after having previously served as a QA Engineer and Technical Support Engineer.

On the personal side, Piotr is a resident of Canary Islands, previously lived in Madrid and Warsaw. He resides in a small town called Puerto de la Cruz with a girlfriend and his two cats. He’s obsessed with technology and gadgets that are making life easier, his free time is filled with hiking, sports and swimming in the ocean.

You can read more about him on his profile page.

Meet Tonya Mork

Tonya Mork @hellofromtonya

Tonya is a leader, architect, engineer (software and electrical), educator, and learner. She became hooked on contributing during the 5.6 release cycle. She saw the impact the Test Team can and could have on the project. She brings her empowerment and transformational approach to help the team rebuild itself, help fuel continuous improvement, and help contributors get started, gain and grow their skills, and grow their impact.

Within the project, she served as the 5.6 and 5.7 Triage Lead, coached the 5.8 triage and test release squad, is a Build/Test Tooling co-maintainer, and is a full-time contributor (as of February).

Outside of the project, she’s likely best known as a developer educator. She’s been leading and advising multi-disciplined engineering teams for over 3 decades in the areas of architecture, quality, testing, performance, and operations.

On the personal side, Tonya lives in a small fishing village on the NW coast of Lake Michigan in the US with her spouse (celebrated their 35th anniversary this year), dog (who thinks he’s a cat), and cat (who thinks he’s a dog and ruler of the house).

You can read more about her journey on HeroPress and her profile page.

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