Test Team Chat Summary: 20 July 2021

The meeting took place here in Slack. @hellofromtonya facilitated.

Discussion: Team Reps

Discussion starts here in Slack.

  • @lucatume asked “Who is this call open to?” Answer: all Test Team members
  • @lucatume asked “What are the responsibilities?” Answer: mostly administrative reporting duties including:
    • Gathering feedback and then writing the agenda for the biweekly team chat (example)
    • Facilitating test triage (example) and team chat (example)
    • Writing regular team recaps and posting them in Updates
    • Keeping an eye on the moving parts of the team to be able to report for quarterly updates (example)
  • Team discussed qualifications and refined them to be:

A rep is an active team member who is reliable and trusted, advocates for and is knowledgeable of one or more areas of testing, and wants to represent, nurture, and grow the team to serve the WordPress project.

Action: @hellofromtonya to publish Call for Nominations once peer review is complete. Done.

Update: Here’s the post: Test Team Reps: Call for Nominations.

Discussion: Team and Contributor Badges

Discussion starts here in Slack.

  • Reference: FSE Outreach Program badges proposal
  • Team discussed and agreed to use CoreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress. Team’s model for awarding Test Contributor badge: 1 contribution = a badge
  • What is a test contribution?
    • @lucatume suggested to first define what is not a test contribution?
    • Do Release Party and Contributor Days participation count?
    • @hellofromtonya noted:

Broadly testing entire release is hard to capture the feedback. Right? But testing something that has a ticket or Call for Test (CfT) is trackable for not only testers but the Core folks who are working on that thing under test. Sharing how you tested (the test environment, theme, plugins, etc.), steps you did, results, and maybe even a screenshare …. this type of info is valuable.

Commenting: “It works” is not as valuable as a feedback.

Action: @hellofromtonya will start a proposal for discussion:

laying out some guidelines for how testing is captured, what testing is not, and then that will guide everyone to know what a testing contribution is and isn’t.

Update: Autogenerate e2e Tests Initiative

Discussion starts here in Slack.

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