Gutenberg Usability Testing for May 2019

As noted in last month’s post, I’m conducting a usability test every week on for Gutenberg. These tests are a way to keep track of Gutenberg’s progress and improvements. It also helps reveal any additional UX issues that may not have been evident.

This month focused on image and video blocks. It also involved editing content in relation to those blocks like moving them up and down in the post, and adding captions.

Testing Script

Imagine you are on assignment to write an article for a new travel blog. Luckily, they are sending you to your favorite vacation spot! Your instructions are to choose a topic you think will get people as excited as you are about this place. It’s up to you to pick a focus (food, activities, lodging, etc.).

  1. Log in.
  2. Create a new post.
  3. Give your post a title and add one sentence.
  4. Add two images side-by-side.
  5. Add a YouTube video (
  6. Add a caption to the video you added.
  7. Swap one of your previously added images with another image.
  8. Add an image on the left and some text on the right and a paragraph below it.
  9. Move the video to the bottom of the content.
  10. Once you’re done, publish the post.


Video 1 (May 6, 2019)

Video 2 (May 13, 2019)

Video 3 (May 20, 2019)

Video 4 (May 28, 2019)


Please watch the videos and comment on anything you noticed particularly interesting about how these users used Gutenberg. It would be great to call out points of struggle which can be connected to opportunities, or even points of success that can be positive indicators of improvements.

As a reminder, if you’re interested in helping with usability testing, there’s a number of things you can try:

  • Join the #research channel in slack.
  • You can write a test script that can be usability tested for Gutenberg.
  • Or simply watch the videos and leave some feedback below.

Thanks for watching and contributing anywhere you can.

#gutenberg, #usability-testing