Call for Testing: Gutenberg 5.5 rc.1

This release includes:

  • Try using a Group block by adding some inner blocks to it and changing the Group block background color.
  • Add vertical alignment support to the Media & Text block.
  • Add the image fill option to the Media & Text block.
  • Lots of bug fixes and enhancements.

You can find a full list to test against here.

The goal of Gutenberg is to simplify the creation of rich pages and posts in WordPress by replacing old custom HTML, CSS, and shortcodes with native Blocks. The Gutenberg plugin is currently the main focus for the testing group and Gutenberg is the new editing experience in WordPress.

To help test, please download from the releases page or use the button above, install/activate the plugin, and try testing the new features and also if existing flows work.

You can also see other options for getting set up for testing in the handbook. When testing, use the latest stable release of WordPress (5.1) and the Gutenberg 5.5 plugin (download using the links above). All testing is welcome even if it’s just one or two items!

If you find a new bug, please file it in gutenberg on GitHub. Thank you! Please join us in #core-test on WordPress Slack any time if you have questions about testing!

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