Shiny Updates Review

Dear Flow Patrol,

We’ve already posted a few user tests and a visual records for Shiny Updates here but in order for Shiny Updates to be in the best shape it can be before getting merged to core, it would help us tremendously if you could look over the latest version and review the various interactions and flows.

If you do encounter issues during your review, it would be great if you could file those on GitHub for us to discuss and fix them.

Our next chat will be on Tuesday, May 17 at 19:00 UTC[/time’] in #feature-shinyupdates, in case you have questions or want to discuss any aspect of Shiny Updates. We’re also around to answer questions outside of that of course, please feel free to let us know.

Thank you!

#feature-plugin, #needs-testings, #review, #shiny-updates