Shiny Updates Visual Records

In preparation for proposing parts of Shiny Updates v2 to be included with WordPress 4.6, I assembled visual records of the various flows and interactions that the plugin touches.

There are six interactions across ten locations throughout the admin where plugins and themes can be installed/updated/deleted. I created two videos to illustrate the changes for the most common use cases on a single site: plugin install/bulk update/delete, theme install/update/delete. For multisite I took screenshots on mobile and for the actions that differ from single sites.

Plugins on a single install

Themes on a single install

Theme install on multisite (same as on single install)

Theme update on multisite

Theme delete in multisite

This one is a little harder to document in images since the theme (or plugin) disappears after the AYS message as soon as it’s deleted. See video above for delete animation.

Plugin delete in multisite

Documented in above video, this is to show how it looks on mobile.

Plugin install error

Theme install error

FTP credentials

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