WordPress.org mobile experience

@matt asked if I was interested in suggesting iterations on the WordPress.org site for him to consider, as a way to improve things on smaller devices. I’m absolutely interested and excited to help out!

To begin with, I did a video review of the experience. There were some areas exposed in the review that could use some improvements. I’ll be suggesting some solutions for them over on make.wordpress.org/design/.

The aim of this post is to summarise what I found in that video and break it down into manageable pieces. I did an entire run through clicking all links as I went. This post highlights the main hitches. Some are just galleries and others have videos attached. Each of the highlights below focuses on the problem areas, but the entire video is included at the end of context.

Front page

Note: I had tested a bit so didn’t see the call to download the app. This appears at the top when does.




About page





Note: having the download on mobile is a really confusing experience for users.




Get involved








Plugin directory


Theme directory












‘WordPress world’ sites

Note: to a user if it’s a link it’s part of the WordPress world. I explored a little of that world from a mobile view.


Entire video

For those wanting to watch the entire video (I removed my voice notes), here it is in lower quality for file size. For reference, the video contains a link that doesn’t work to wordpress.com that is fixed now.