Site switching on the make network, iPhone 6+

Task: Starting on make/core, navigate to the posts page in the admin of make/flow.

Setting aside the taps burned by the p2 bug, that’s 6 taps to reach the destination. Expanding submenus burns two taps. Submenus are awkward on touch devices. The expectation on touch is that tapping a menu item takes you to the tapped thing and closes the menu. With WP, tapping in the admin menu subtly opens a submenu. The menu remains open. I often don’t notice the submenu open because I’ve already shifted my gaze to look at the right side of the screen. Losing submenus would benefit touch navigation. Further, losing them on desktop (like does) reduces the overwhelming feeling new user experience when first confronting wp-admin. This is something I’d like to experiment with in a feature plugin.

Our toolbar menus need attention across all devices. The lack of Posts means extra taps for an important flow. Our toolbar interactions also suffer from an expectation defying menu dismissal bug.

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