Testing Menus in the Customizer

  • WordPress 4.3-alpha-32600
  • Menu Customizer 0.4-20150525 (a core feature-plugin candidate)
  • Safari iOS 8.3 on iPhone 6


Note: this feature is still in development so there are some known issues (which I’m sure I’ve hit here).

  • Blocker: tapping “+ Add Link” in a new menu resulted in a phantom UI (looks like it doesn’t move over into view like it should?).
  • The “+ Add a Menu” button is hard to spot on mobile if you have several menus saved already.
  • The “+ Add a Menu” button is sits really close to the bottom menu bar in Safari on iOS. Some space below it could help make it a bigger tap target.
  • After tapping the “Reorder” link, I was surprised I could still tap and hold to drag menu items.
  • Scrolling is really hard on iOS, especially with the menu items being so wide on a small device screen.

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