4.2 NUX Group Agenda, March 3, 2015

Here’s the agenda for today’s NUX working group chat in the #core-flow channel on Slack.

This is the fourth weekly chat for the 4.2 NUX working group. Just as a reminder, group discussions are open to anyone who would like to attend and participate. So please, join us!

Time/Date: Tuesday March 3 2015 19:00 UTC

Chat Leaders: @DrewAPicture
Topic: Welcome Panel: Narrowing Focus (continued)

  1. Last week we decided on a better list of links for three columns of the Welcome Panel: Settings, Appearance, and Content. @liljimmi was kind enough to adjust the mockups to match (see below).
  2. Welcome Screen Final from 2 24 2015 NUX meeting

  3. This week, we’ll be narrowing the focus to those individual flows. The goal would be to have at least one team member “own” each flowFlow Flow is the path of screens and interactions taken to accomplish a task. It’s an experience vector. Flow is also a feeling. It’s being unselfconscious and in the zone. Flow is what happens when difficulties are removed and you are freed to pursue an activity without forming intentions. You just do it.
    Flow is the actual user experience, in many ways. If you like, you can think of flow as a really comprehensive set of user stories. When you think about user flow, you’re thinking about exactly how a user will perform the tasks allowed by your product.Flow and Context
    and identify several things:
    • The importance of highlighting that flow for new users in the Welcome Panel
    • What is currently good or bad, or could be improved
    • Bonus: Whether this is a “Day 1” link and if so, what should replace it?
  4. Next week, group members will report back with their findings and recommendations

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