4.2 NUX Group Agenda, February 24, 2015

Hi y’all. Yes, this is coming pretty late. What can I say? Lots to do in 4.2.

Here’s the agenda for today’s NUX working group chat in the #core-flow channel on Slack.

This is the third weekly chat for the 4.2 NUX working group. Just as a reminder, group discussions are open to anyone who would like to attend and participate. Come and join us!

Time/Date: Tuesday February 24 2015 19:00 UTC

Chat Leaders: @mor10 / @DrewAPicture
Topic: Welcome Panel (continued)

  • Last week we discussed ways to improve and refine the contents of the Welcome Panel experience. This week we’ll go over some of the mockups @liljimmi so kindly put together (see below)
  • Discussion Points:
    1. Rehash: What should be “initial” vs “subsequent” content?
    2. Finalize list and order for panel
    3. Should buttons be triggers or links to Settings/Customizer pages?
    4. Identify items that could benefit from walkthrough-workflows at a future date
  • Recommendations: – Next steps

Mockups following last week’s chat (thank you @liljimmi!):

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