Press This a YouTube video via Scan, iPhone 6+

Press This plugin 0.0.6-20150212


  • Tapping into the Scan field triggers a zoom that pushes the Scan button off screen. You must either scroll right or pinch to zoom out to see the button again.
  • Videos run off the right side of the content area and cause hscroll issues. The only safe places I found to hscroll are the title field and the editor button bar. I could not hscroll when swiping in the editor or in the sideloaded image preview strip.
  • I’ve liked the automatic quote pull in most situations, but there were a couple where I had to select and cut. I edited the quote in the flow above because of ellipsis in the middle of a sentence.
  • After publication, the published page is shown. I like seeing content in its real context after publishing, but I also want to get back into press this so I can Scan and post again. We’re optimizing for a one-way, single-shot sort of flow right now, but let’s keep the possibility of chaining in mind.