Press This, copy and add bookmarklet, Macnchrome, 4.2-alpha-31432



Since I have cloudup set to copy links to the clipboard after every screenshot, my bookmarklet selection would get stomped as I went about business in the bookmark manager. Flipping back to the press this tools screen and doing Cmd+c put the bookmarklet back into the clipboard without having to click anything. Once back in the bookmark manager, however, the Add Page operation cancels out and any thing you have input so far, such as the bookmark name, are lost. The add bookmark flowFlow Flow is the path of screens and interactions taken to accomplish a task. It’s an experience vector. Flow is also a feeling. It’s being unselfconscious and in the zone. Flow is what happens when difficulties are removed and you are freed to pursue an activity without forming intentions. You just do it.

Flow is the actual user experience, in many ways. If you like, you can think of flow as a really comprehensive set of user stories. When you think about user flow, you’re thinking about exactly how a user will perform the tasks allowed by your product.Flow and Context
for new Press This is better than the old flow thanks to not having to right click to expose the bookmarklet text area, but cut-and-paste is not very friendly in either case. New Press This requires an extra click to highlight the textarea after it is exposed. Old press this shows and highlights the textarea with one right click. New press this requires left clicking the Copy Press This Bookmarklet button and then clicking into the textarea. New Press This is much more discoverable, however.

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