Retiring media-new.php

media-new.php is an unmaintained and ugly interface. See it in action in these visual records. The media library’s grid view now has a much better interface. Tapping Add New while in grid view reveals an upload interface.

Media library’s list view does not offer the upload interface. Seems like it should. Instead, it links to media-new.php.

The only thing media-new.php offers that the media library does not is the fallback “browser uploader”. The only time I’ve ever used this was to work around the video upload bug mentioned here. That bug was short-lived. It is no longer a problem.


  • Offer grid view’s uploader interface in list/bulk view as well.
  • Remove media-new.php.
  • Remove the Media > Add New submenu.
  • Celebrate.

Does anyone have media-new.php flows not handled by the media library and the grid view uploader? Does anyone use the fallback browser uploader? I could see low bandwidth users not wanting to visit grid view to upload, preferring the less bandwidth intensive media-new.php. However, adding the uploader to the lighter list view screen might be a sufficient solution to that.

Plugins that alter media-new.php:

Media Library Assistant