Opening and closing the admin menu on touch devices, Nexus 5, iPad Air, iPhone 5, 4.1-alpha-20141016

On an iPad Air in portrait, the admin menu can be swiped open and closed, sorta. It can be pushed on/off screen, but this is not a true show/hide.

But be careful where you start your swipe, otherwise you’ll go back in browser history.

Contrast this to the mobile web version of G+, which seems to prevent back history. Menu swiping is easier and more predictable when back history is removed as a worry. Update 2015/01/30: Back history is no longer prevented in G+, but G+ web behaves like an app in that the swipe can be started from anywhere, allowing you to stay clear of the edge and avoid back history.



On an iPad Air in landscape, the admin menu cannot be swiped open and closed. Instead, the collapse/expand menu toggle must be used. If you habitually swipe to open and close menus, you will constantly be triggering back history.

Contrast again to G+. The menu swipes open with no back history interference.


On a Nexus 5, swiping to open/close is not possible at all.

iPhone 5 lacks swipe open/close just like the Nexus 5, but further complicates things by taking you back in history whenever you try to swipe the menu open.


If my lock button worked, I’d show the back history transition.


Of note on an iPad Air is that the toolbar remains at the top of the screen even when scrolled down, for both landscape and portrait. Nexus 5 and iPhone 5 lack this, making swipe to open/close even more important.


Scrolled down, toolbar still showing.