Gallery editing and the lack of viewable images, Macnchrome, iPad Air, Nexus 5, iPhone 5

Arranging and captioning galleries is difficult when the largest image size you have at hand is a thumbnail. You must flip back and forth between the media modal and the image source (camera roll, gallery app, etc.) in order to consult images large enough to distinguish. All the while you must maintain your place in two image lists, the source list and the modal list. Precious cognitive resources are drained, and eyestrain and frustration ensue. Full screen views of each image should be a tap away, eliminating the context switching.

Supporting multi-select and tap/click to preview across all devices requires some thinking, especially if you want to preserve image preview while multi-selecting, which I’d really like. Example: G+ on Kitkat previews on tap by default. Once you toggle multi-select mode, select becomes the tap default and little expansion arrows are shown in the bottom right of the image, allowing you to tap bottom right to view image and elsewhere to select.


iPad Air:

Nexus 5, Portrait:

Nexus 5, landscape, exhibiting wayward Reverse order button (perhaps do a portait lock here like we do for iOSiOS The operating system used on iPhones and iPads., although the bigger screen could actually be useful in landscape):

iPhone 5, portrait, images are not draggable, sortable: