Uploading a video from an iOS device, WP 4.0, WP iOS 4.3

The iOSiOS The operating system used on iPhones and iPads. app does not allow video uploads. It quietly hides videos. Here’s what you will see on an iPad, even when you have videos present on device.



Strike 1. Let’s try uploading a video to a post via web instead.



Strike 2. Tapping done does not upload the video. Instead you are dumped right back into the media modal with no indication that anything happened.


Tapped “Done”. Nothing happened.


That leaves us with media-new.php (Media > Add New).



Not only is this ugly, it is also broken. Tapping Done does nothing. Strike 3.

Okay, let’s “Try the browser uploader instead.”


Finally, the video is uploaded. Look at that thumbnail. So awesome.

Moving from iPad to iPhone, the story is the same. Here’s the media modal exhibiting the same quiet noop behaviour.


Between WP 4.0 and WP iOS 4.3, the only way to upload a video from an iOS device is to use media-new.php in browser uploader mode.