@barry @stankea etc Otto has the only ftp…

@barry, @stankea, etc: Otto has the only ftp creds for wp10.wordpress.net, and others need to be able to change images in the theme folder etc. Can you create another ftp account for me, and David and George and I will just share it?

Need this to send out wp10 uploading instructions to all the parties around the world (Australia etc 27th is today not tomorrow), so need access relatively urgently. Thanks, and sorry to interrupt your weekend.

#ftp, #wp10

WP10 Site

Hi all. We need a wp install set up at wp10.wordpress.net for the 10th anniversary parties site. Matt would like it there rather than on .org, but @otto42 doesn’t have access there. Can someone set it up and make me an admin? Thanks.

#site-setup, #wordpress-net, #wp10