Hello, can someone please change…

Hello, can someone please change the redirect for *.trac.wordpress.org/logout from https://wordpress.org/support/bb-login.php?action=logout to https://login.wordpress.org/logout? Thanks!

Meta ticket: #2029-meta

#prio3 #trac


#1641meta has pointed out that plugins trac wordpress…

#1641meta has pointed out that plugins.trac.wordpress.org is missing ~8400 changesets.

Can we do something to import those missing changesets? As we’re running Trac with explicit synchronization, I think it might just be a case of running trac-admin changeset added for each of the missing revisions.

#plugins-trac, #trac

@otto42 can you please give my account access…

@otto42, can you please give my account access to close tickets on themes.trac? I need to test out some i18n changes to the theme upload script and don’t want to clutter the trac w/ a bunch of open test tickets.


What can we do to improve the speed…

What can we do to improve the speed and reliability of Trac? I am seeing two issues in particular: it is terribly slow to complete a request, and web service gets restarted often due to the box maxing out memory.

Possible ideas:

  • We could move from prefork back to threaded mpm to improve memory usage, but then mysql connections become blocking. What’s a possible solution for this?
  • Move Trac from Apache to nginx or using nginx as a frontend proxy, which would include a short-lived cache for reports and for users who aren’t logged in. Or, could we configure the existing load balancers in front of it?

I’m most interested in nginx as a frontend proxy through the existing load balancers, as it seems like it’d be the easiest to set up and give us a decent benefit.


Can a new wp build Trac environment please…

Can a new wp-build Trac environment please be created? build.trac.wordpress.org. No need to configure beyond giving me TRAC_ADMIN. (The associated SVN repository already exists, and I can handle changing the config, templates. etc.)


Can I please have the Virtual Ticket Permissions…

Can I please have the Virtual Ticket Permissions Trac plugin installed? I’ve already added it to deploy (see r4688), it just needs to be run (and whatever else needs to happen for a Trac plugin to be picked up, does it require an Apache restart?). I’ll be configuring it for themes.trac once it is installed.


Can we please have all Trac installs updated…

Can we please have all Trac installs updated from 1.0 to 1.0.1? In r4654-deploy, I’ve updated the wporg-svn 0005 tag and migration script.

(In particular, http://trac.edgewall.org/changeset/11319 is needed to fix the rendering of attachments ending in *.diff.)


This Trac ticket is not loading http core…

This Trac ticket is not loading: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/15058. Unicode error.


The GlotPress Trac isn’t picking up new SVN…

The GlotPress Trac isn’t picking up new SVN commits. It’s stuck on r745, the latest one is r746. Thanks!

#glotpress, #svn, #trac

Can the Trac Duplicates plugin running on core…

Can the Trac Duplicates plugin running on core.trac please be activated for the GlotPress Trac?

After it is added, nothing will change. This is expected. I will then need to make some trac.ini changes before it actually works.

(I plan to have it activated on other Tracs soon as well, but there is a bug I need to fix first.)