Grant default theme commit to @ianbelanger

I need to get theme commit access for @ianbelanger to manage work on the default themes. Our most recent two theme committers have had to step back and they worked with him directly to do some training/hand off. I will make sure to share the following documentation with him as well:

  • Not a post, but the welcome/onboarding chat as has been passed down to me by @desrosj @mikeschroder and @aaroncampbell.

This is a #prio2, but would be great to get sorted for work on WP5.2.3 and WP5.3.

#commit #themes

Seeing some problems with the theme prev…

Seeing some problems with the theme previews on /extend. Seems that there’s some kind of server-side caching of files going on and updates aren’t showing in the previewer properly. Not sure when it started.

Example: Minimal Georgia is at version 1.3. shows version 1.2. shows version 1.3.

Is there some good way to invalidate the cache, given that we can’t really modify the themes themselves to add versioning information to the URL? I suppose you could put in some kind of plugin to use output caching to look for *.css and such, but that seems haphazard and weird.

I’m really not sure that the domain should be doing that kind of server-side caching anyway.

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