Can gcorne and bpetty please be given commit…

Can gcorne and bpetty please be given commit to

This is unlikely to be the last access request for unit-tests.svn in the next few weeks; I would be happy to manage these to speed things up.

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We are starting a new code sprint today…

We are starting a new code sprint today to re-do our existing unit-tests framework. In order for this to be successful we need to raise the visibility of the unit tests commits, which we’d like to do by pushing them over the same wire as core commits.

1. Can I get a deploy on deploy repo revision 3744, which switches Trac notification emails from to

2. Can svn notify commit emails for be re-routed from to (There is no need to continue to send to both lists.) Can the -P subject prefix argument for svn notify please be set to -P [Tests]?

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Can we get the Codex cache flushed This…

Can we get the Codex cache flushed?

This is assuming that commit r3672 to the deploy repo was done to the “live” SVN tag (0006). If not, it will need to be ported to the current branch in use and then the cache flushed.

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To kill some mixed content warnings on our…

To kill some mixed content warnings on our Trac instances, we will need to serve some resources (such as over SSL. To do so, we need to detect the protocol inside Trac’s templating language. I’ve figured this out pretty easily locally, but depending on our setup (the web server, load balancers, what have you) the variable (the equivalent of $_SERVER) may be different. And it doesn’t make sense for me to ask for a series of deploys of the trac environs while I play a guessing game.

So, this line of code will provide the raw output I need:

<div py:if="'TRAC_ADMIN' in perm(resource)" py:for="item in sorted(req.environ.keys())">${item}: ${repr(req.environ[item])}</div>

Can this be put into production for a moment, with the output then copied and emailed to me?

To put it in production: Add it to the end of site.html file on a Trac instance on, immediately before the closing tags. The output will appear in the footer of every page, and only if you are logged in as a Trac admin.

I am happy to limit this to my username and then commit and ask for a deploy — that is also fine. Just want to be clear what my intentions are.

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Can we have the PHP linting done on…

Can we have the PHP linting done on the pre-commit hook for dotorg.svn updated to PHP 5.3 so we can use closures? Everything else should remain 5.2 as that is core’s minimum requirement, per this previous systems request.

#request, #svn

Send SVN and Trac emails to the GlotPress mailing list

Can we re-purpose the list?

I would like this mailing list to receive svnnotify emails from as well as Trac emails from (So a combined wp-svn and wp-trac, similar to the current setup of wp-unit-tests.)

2012-04-09. There is a mailing list at which used to receive SVN commits and Trac emails for GlotPress. This has been broken or off since April 2010. Can it be re-configured again? Only Trac and SVN should be able to send to it to prevent spam; the reply-to should be to the main ‘glotpress’ list.

Can linked references to commits and tickets be configured in svnnotify for this?


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Can we have the site html file currently…

Can we have the site.html file currently on core.trac, buddypress.trac, and bbpress.trac also deployed to glotpress.trac? (In addition to site.html, some files in htdocs will also need to be deployed: keywords.css, keywords.js, wptrac.css, and keywords-x.gif).

Also, may I have TRAC_ADMIN on glotpress.trac? Thanks.

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