Incorrect Return-Path on mail from

The Return-Path is currently set to, which may be contributing to emails getting marked as spam for some recipients. Relevant headers from one such email:

Received-SPF: Neutral ( is neither permitted nor denied by domain of ) client-ip:
    spf=neutral ( is neither permitted nor denied by domain of
Return-Path: <>
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2017 12:20:46 +0000
From: WordPress <>

This same issue has come up before (1, 2), and it appears that the Return-Path was changed at that time, so perhaps it was somehow reverted at a later date?

cc @stankea


Visibility into mail failures

Right now I’m blind to any errors that occur with messages sent from the web server. This week there was a Core bug that resulted in many (most?) messages being rejected by the receiving MTA, but I didn’t know for several days, until the reports started coming in from users and the Core bug was discovered.

I think two things would help resolve this, but I’m open to whatever suggestions you have.

1) Set the Envelope-FROM to instead of I’ve already setup the address.
2) Grant read access to mail.* in the logs directory

Thanks! #email #logs #prio3

@barry @stankea etc Otto has the only ftp…

@barry, @stankea, etc: Otto has the only ftp creds for, and others need to be able to change images in the theme folder etc. Can you create another ftp account for me, and David and George and I will just share it?

Need this to send out wp10 uploading instructions to all the parties around the world (Australia etc 27th is today not tomorrow), so need access relatively urgently. Thanks, and sorry to interrupt your weekend.

#ftp, #wp10

Can I please have the Virtual Ticket Permissions…

Can I please have the Virtual Ticket Permissions Trac plugin installed? I’ve already added it to deploy (see r4688), it just needs to be run (and whatever else needs to happen for a Trac plugin to be picked up, does it require an Apache restart?). I’ll be configuring it for themes.trac once it is installed.


Can I please have the following SQL commands…

Can I please have the following SQL commands run against the Codex Mediawiki database?

INSERT INTO interwiki (iw_prefix, iw_url, iw_local, iw_trans) VALUES ('wporgmake', '$1', 1, 0);
INSERT INTO interwiki (iw_prefix, iw_url, iw_local, iw_trans) VALUES ('wporglearn', '$1', 1, 0);

This is designed to allow us to create external links and redirects to handbooks, which (will) live in WordPress on and


Hey I am trying to login to the…

Hey, I am trying to login to the Unit Tests Trac, so that I can reply to a ticket there, but /login redirects to

Was this by design? I would prefer to reply to active tickets there until we migrate the conversations to the core trac.

#trac, #unit-tests

We’re merging design trac and unit tests trac…

We’re merging design.trac and unit-tests.trac into core.trac (but keeping separate SVN repos), taking advantage of Trac 0.12’s multi-repository support.

Everything is set up on Trac’s end, I just need two commands run:

trac-admin $ENV repository resync "tests"
trac-admin $ENV repository resync "design"

… where $ENV would be the path to trac-environs/wp-core.

I then need two post-commit hooks, one on the unit-tests.svn repo, and the other on design.svn, both pointing to the wp-core environment:

trac-admin $ENV changeset added "design" $REV
trac-admin $ENV changeset added "tests" $REV

#request, #svn, #trac

Hey @barry and @stankea Can you set up…

Hey @barry and @stankea. Can you set up an email address (not a box, just an alias) of and have it forward to me at At some point we’ll probably want to set up a supportpress instance or something, but for now I just need an active address to satisfy the contract. Thanks.


Last night I updated bbPress org’s pinned bbPress…

Last night I updated’s pinned bbPress external to trunk, and now none of bbPress’s custom rewrite rules are working.

  • Unable to edit topics/replies/users.
  • User profiles pages 404:
  • Topic views 404:
  • The rewrite_rules option has been flushed, and includes the correct rules.

Back during the initial 1.1 to 2.x conversion, @stankea had to do some rule tweaks in nginx. Does this need to be updated too, or is this an issue on my end?


Duplicate ticket cross-referencing plugin for Core Trac

My fork: Tarball: easy_install handles this, as previously.

Deploy rev 3813 includes the trac.ini changes necessary for this and needs a deploy.

#deploy, #trac