Can I please get a role update of…

Can I please get a role update of wporg-smtp on the LBs? Some email alias changes. Thanks.


Can I please have the wporg web role…

Can I please have the wporg-web role updated after r5929 and r5930? It pipes deploys to Slack. Pretty clever IMO, in terms of how it detects what revision is getting deployed. This only affects sandboxes (the deploy script itself).


Requesting a sandbox for Kelly Dwan @ryelle She…

Requesting a sandbox for Kelly Dwan (@ryelle). She should have a public key at Automattic (where she is @ryelle33) to use. I’ll handle SVN access — just needs the sandbox. Thanks!


I have an nginx fix for a fun…

I have an nginx fix for a fun issue that’s breaking Jetpack integration. isn’t being rewritten to /xmlrpc.php because /support/xmlrpc.php exists (it’s a bbPress file). /support/ is a physical directory that is bypassed for all subdomains, which means we end up rewriting it to index.php and thus a 404 results.

The simple fix appears to be this:

	# needs to hit /xmlrpc.php.
	# Without this, it targets /support/xmlrpc.php (a bbPress file)
	# which is then denied and we end up with a 404.
	location ~ /xmlrpc\.php(?:/|$) {
		include conf.d/php-config;
		rewrite ^ /xmlrpc.php break;

This should go into conf.d/ around line 60. I’m happy to commit this but I wanted review first.


Can johnbillion please be given a sandbox I…

Can johnbillion please be given a sandbox? I can set up commit access and such.


Can I have r5763 deploy for the wporg…

Can I have r5763-deploy for the wporg-web role updated? Requires an nginx deploy. It retires (There will be more cleanup here, this is just the important part.)


Moving the NFS mounts

Per a conversation with @barry, we’re going to move most NFS mounts on .org to a single centralized location. Here’s the checklist, in order:

  • Prepare PHP scripts to use the new locations if things are mounted (r9244-dotorg and a few others).
  • Set up the new location in nginx for X-Accel-Redirect (r5733-deploy).
  • Deploy the wporg-web role and reload nginx, which contains the new location in nginx.
  • Commit and deploy my patch (uploaded to Slack room), which adds new mounts to fstab-nfs and initializes the directories in a migrations script.
  • Run my script included in the patch as a global command to initialize the directories, add the new mounts to fstab, and mount them.

After that:

  • I then need to commit some new Nginx location blocks for the old URLs pointing to the new NFS locations (in some cases, they were directly accessible, such as and some Rosetta stuff).
  • Those Nginx rules will then need to be deployed.
  • Remove and clean up after the old mounts once we verify everything works and nothing is using them. We’ll keep the uploads mount, but we’ll be able to remove everything else, including the BuddyPress and MU dl-archive mounts.

We’re going to be doing a HEAD request…

We’re going to be doing a HEAD request to on the 4.1 about page, in JavaScript. While the heavy operations performed there are cached in memcache for 15 minutes, I think it may be prudent for us to (temporarily?) cache it at the load balancers to avoid being CPU-bound.

Suggestion: cache OPTIONS and HEAD requests to for a period of time. A minute or 15 minutes is fine, but so is an hour.

#caching, #lb, #request

Please deploy and reload nginx for wporg web…

Please deploy and reload nginx for wporg-web. Don’t forget linkprop, as a new file was added. Relevant commits are 5640 and 5642.

#nginx, #request

Can I have an nginx reload on the…

Can I have an nginx reload on the web nodes after r5574-deploy?

For ease of review:

— (revision 5567)
+++ (working copy)
@@ -56,6 +56,7 @@
        try_files $uri =404;
        rewrite ^/plugin(.*) /plugin.php last;
        rewrite ^/translation(.*) /translation.php last;
+      rewrite ^/theme(.*) /theme.php last;

Tested and works as expected.