Google Search Console domain access + Postmaster tools

A few of us have access to Google Webmaster/Search tools for and, but we do not have access for the entire domain which would grant us access to https?://* (ie. what we have + subdomains).

Additionally, The marketing team would like access to Postmaster tools for the email deliverability data, which also requires domain verification.

I can see that there’s two existing Google domain authorisations (dig +short TXT but I’ve been unable to locate whose Google accounts have access to that when asking around.

Can I please have access granted to the domain-level Search Tools / Postmaster tools so that I can provide access to those who need it?

In the event that systems do not have domain-level access, here’s some instructions to get it:
1. Grant my a8c account verification access and I’ll deal giving those who need it; add TXT google-site-verification=RLa_vaBBembqlBHv2iGePxw7Cw2nQhbYjKLX7HWpSks (I’ll add systems a8c account for future uses. If option 2 is taken, I’ll remove this auth attempt from my account)
2. Visit Postmaster tools, Add a domain, get the TXT record and add it. Grant my a8c google account access + plus that of @eidolonnight to Postmaster + Search Console (Full access please). Verifying the domain for postmaster tools will also grant search console verification.

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