WordCamp.org slow load times

I’ve been noticing intermittently slow load times for wordcamp.org lately, and others have reported it as well.

Most of the times things are normal, but when it happens the page takes 10-30 seconds to load. While it’s going on, it seems like any page I visit is slow (e.g., 2020.asia.wordcamp.org/wp-admin and also 2019.seattle.wordcamp.org/contact). Then it resolves itself after a minute or so.

I noticed it this morning around 7:40am Pacific.

Because all requests are affected, it doesn’t feel like a slow MYSQL query. I’m wondering if it’s a DDoS that was automatically mitigated?

Do we have any logs that would give clues? I don’t see anything in the Slack channels. Or do you have any other ideas?