WordCamp Deployments broken

Deploys were initially working after they were setup, but the past few days it it looks like they’ve stopped working, or are only partially working. The script still reports that it finished successfully, but the effects of commits are not showing up anymore.

It used to take about a minute to finish, but now it finished almost immediately, so I wonder if part of it is dying early or something. If I svn up on my sandbox, the commits are there; it’s just production that doesn’t have them.

Here’s two examples:

  • https://meta.trac.wordpress.org/changeset/6625

Browse to https://central.wordcamp.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=3044783&action=edit&classic-editor, look at the Contact Information metabox. If the commit is applied, you’ll see * at the end of most of the input fields.

  • https://github.com/coreymckrill/wordcamp-reports/commit/31c6f66566fde5e3986b44a845798df622977cf7

This is setup as an svn:external to plugins/wordcamp-reports. We’ve never had problems using GitHub as an external before.

Browse to https://central.wordcamp.org/wp-admin/index.php?page=wordcamp-reports&report=ticket-revenue, you should see a field instead of the field