Community Summit Task/Project List

Rearranging Directories

  • Remove /extend/, promoting /plugins/, /themes/, /ideas/ to top-level and redirecting all old links. Come up with a better naming convention for the current plugin/theme directories inside /extend/, as it is confusing (plugins-plugins, plugins-themes, extend-themes, etc). Maybe move all SupportPress installs to a single location, like /sp/plugins/, /sp/themes/, etc.
  • Move /wp-admin/, /wp-includes/, and the loose wp-*.php files into a /wordpress/ external, but create nginx rules to keep existing URLs the same.
  • Give nacin rw to nginx configs.
  • (Low priority, just an idea.) Come up with a potential symlink solution for multiple bbPress 1.1 installs (support, plugins, themes, ideas) and SupportPress installs, to avoid so many externals.


  • Add plugins.trac syntax highlighting for non-PHP (JS, CSS) files. (@barry)
  • Update Trac to 0.12.4. This might fix the ticket commit update bug: (@barry)
  • Allow deployment of trac-environs, post-commit. trac.ini changes need a deploy; templating changes need a server kick.
  • Set up limited public access of a directory for dotorg.svn and dotorg.trac. Controlling future changes through svn-access is perfect (if that’s all it takes).


  • MC button to generate nightly builds (both trunk and branch nightlies).
  • New SupportPress setup to receive


  • Update hyperdb to latest. Supposedly should help us better handle UTF-8 versus latin1 charset issues? New tables created (via multisite) seem to still be latin1. Why? Will there ever be a point where we can convert the big latin1 tables like users and usermeta?

Other Projects

  • Remove the current zip build process from the plugin directory.
  • (Low priority, just an idea.) Give a read-only database user (run DB schema updates on cron using a full permissions user) and/or isolate it from the rest of the dotorg grid.
  • (Low priority, just an idea.) Consider some object caching for Update /home/wporg/public_html/object-cache.php which handles mostly bbPress at the moment.

Other things @barry expressed interest in (low priority) —

  • Clear old API tables, fix mobile API stats, etc. Can drop other old tables, too (daily_searches and many more).
  • Clean up/rearrange nginx configs as appropriate.