Tips for Attendees Edit

Here you can find some tips for attendees, which you can feature on your event’s website if you are an organizer.


  • Check the event’s website for recommended transportation methods.
  • Consider your transport options in terms of carbon footprint (like EcoPassenger), and prefer a sustainable alternative.

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Food and beverages

  • Bring your reusable bottle.
  • Pay attention to the signs on the tables. Respect those intended for diners with special dietary requirements.
  • Help reduce waste:
    • Avoid serving yourself more food than you can eat.
    • Take napkins according to your needs.

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Swag and supplies

  • Take the swag or sponsor’s gift only if you plan to use it.

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  • Check out the content shared by the event organizers ahead of time, and learn how you can make your attendance more sustainable.

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