Project Health Hangouts and Working Group Kickoff

An image featuring a diverse group of people sitting on the same side of a table facing the viewer. The group includes individuals of various ages, skin tones, and genders. Visible are a blind person with a guide dog, a pregnant person, someone with a cast on their arm, a person wearing a hijab, and a woman wearing a tichel. The backdrop is a simple flat world map with four clocks showing different times.

Continuing the efforts to ensure the sustainability and health of the WordPress project, forming a dedicated working group is now underway. Building on recent discussions from Recognizing Contributions and Acknowledging Challenges and Project Health Dashboards, this group will focus on developing and refining approaches to project health.

This marks the kick-off of the Project Health Working Group, one of the Sustainability team’s key focus areas. The goal is to foster a collaborative environment, gather valuable insights, and develop tools to maintain and improve the project’s health.

We’ll begin by demonstrating the first tool in our trials: Bitergia.

🗣️ These hangouts will allow us to discuss:

  • Team Health: How do we assess the health of various teams in the project and ensure proper calls to contribute?
  • Individual Contributors: Addressing the needs of organization-sponsored, those seeking sponsorship, self-sponsored, and hobbyists.
  • Organizational Stakeholders: Providing data for organizations to consider how they sponsor and staff contributors.
  • WordPress Project Stakeholders: Prioritizing the work of various teams within the project.

📆 RSVP to Project Health Hangout

Below are the various meeting times and days scheduled. All sessions will be a casual conversation and demonstrations. It is important to offer multiple times to ensure global representation. When you’ve chosen which times you’d like to attend, RSVP using the buttons below.

All sessions will be recorded and summarized to ensure everyone can benefit from the discussions, even if they can’t attend live.

Join us in these sessions to share your insights and help shape the future of our project’s health. Share any questions you have or want to discuss in the comments below.