Announcement: MakeWP Sustainability Team Representatives 2024

The Sustainability team is pleased to introduce the following contributors as the MakeWP Sustainability Team Representatives for 2024, and the first Sustainability Team Reps ever:

All four of these individuals have demonstrated their ongoing commitment to the Sustainability team and were a key part of forming and evolving the working Sustainability group into an official MakeWP team. Their continued dedication, coupled with the team’s momentum and enthusiasm, provides a solid foundation for the Sustainability team’s future.

This foundation has been further strengthened by the commitment, feedback, and participation of all of individuals involved throughout this process. With a large mandate, and a large amount of work to do to fulfill that mandate, continued involvement from every interested contributor will be necessary to achieve the Sustainability team’s goals.

The election to determine the MakeWP Sustainability Team Representatives for 2024 was conducted by ranked vote, and the voting was open from October 25 through November 9. View the results here.

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