Creation of MySQL Database through Parallels Plesk web control panel is a breeze. Simply follow this tutorial to create a MySQL Database for your WordPress. You can manage the MySQL Database through PHPMyAdmin for taking backup or other usages. There can be two situations where you will use Parallels Plesk :

Situation 1 : You have Installed Plesk on a Blank Server with own Parallels Plesk License Situation 1 : You have Installed Plesk on a Blank Server with own Parallels Plesk License

This is the situation is for the advanced server users who are using blank own colocated server, physically in premise server (or even own computer as Bare Metal), created image based cloud server instance from Amazon, Rackspace, HP, Media Template and other similar service providers. In this case, you need not use command line interface to create a MySQL Database for WordPress but simply follow our guide.

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This is the most common for traditional web hosting providers for dedicated, virtual dedicated or shared web hosting account.

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Steps to Create a MySQL Database and User in Plesk in Both Situations Steps to Create a MySQL Database and User in Plesk in Both Situations

Flavor, addons, User Interface (UI) varies of Parallels Plesk with License and addons. We are showing the example with Power User Mode of the current latest version of Parallels Plesk web control panel to Create a MySQL Database for WordPress. For any difficulty, please contact your web service provider (in Situation 2) or refer to wide documentation of Parallels Plesk or Support (in Situation 1) through the official website.

Login to your Parallels Plesk web control panel, which is typically looks like :


We have used a demo version of Parallels Plesk 11 for this guide to Create a MySQL Database and User in Plesk. You will notice the Websites and Domains link on the top navigation :

plesk-1Click it. And you will land on this webpage with lot of options with icons :

plesk-2There is nothing to fear as a new user. Plesk gives tool tip on hover on each section. Click that Database link. An a new page will load :

plesk-3Click that Add new Database link as shown in the above sexy screenshot. And you will get in to this form like webpage :

plesk-4Note that, as in this guide we are the Parallels Plesk License holder with own physical server, the database name field has Admin_ as editable part of name of database. But it can be non editable if you are using a reseller’s Parallels Plesk Control panel. In that case, your database name will be the full thing – uneditable-part_Give-A-Name. There is no need to change other drop downs unless you know better about MySQL and Plesk, simply click OK and you will get this web page :

plesk-5Click that link like shown in above screen shot. You will get this form like thing as the next step :

plesk-6Fill this form and click OK, your database will be created and Plesk will return you to main database webpage :

plesk-7You can see a new icon, which was not present when we started to create a beautiful MySQL Database in Plesk for you – Webadmin. This is the link to PHPMyAdmin software. This is very important software link as with PHPMyAdmin you can take backup of your WordPress database, restore from backup etc. PHPMyAdmin is a free software to manage MySQL database with a Graphical User Interface.

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To Summarize To Summarize

We have created a MySQL Database in Plesk with the following our own information :

  • Database Name
  • Database Username
  • Database Password

These three are must for installing WordPress or any other PHP MySQL based web software like BBPress. Another parameter is Database Host. Conventionally it is localhost. But it fully depends on the web host (ask them or check their instruction set, video etc).

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Helpful Resources Helpful Resources

  1. Parallel Plesk – Official Website
  2. phpMyAdmin Wiki – Official Wiki of PHPMyAdmin