Press This provides a fast and easy way to clip text, images and videos from any website and share it on your blog without ever needing to leave the site you are currently on.

As you surf the web, if you see something you’d like to share on your site, all you need to do is click on the Press This bookmarklet, and a new blog post is automatically created. You are presented with a miniature post editor interface that allows you to write a little more if you like, and publish this new post to your blog immediately, or save as a draft for future editing. Press This also includes media discovery to help you find and embed images and videos from the site you are on.

What is a bookmarklet?
A bookmarklet is a program that is installed in your web browser by dragging its button onto your toolbar. Once installed in your bookmarks bar, you launch this mini-application simply by clicking on it and it performs a programed operation on the page you are currently visiting; in this case it launches the mini post editor.

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Installing the Press This Bookmarklet

It only takes a second to install the Press This bookmarklet. First go to Tools -> Available Tools in the Admin Area of your site and find the Press This bookmarklet. To install the bookmarklet, you simply drag it (Fig. 1) to the bookmarks bar of your browser. Please note: Your view may look slightly different than what’s pictured here, depending on what browser you are using.

Fig. 1 – Drag the Press This bookmarklet into the bookmarks bar of your favorite browser to install it

That’s it – you’ve installed Press This!

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Using the Press This Bookmarklet

Press This is helpful when you find content that you want to share on your blog while you are surfing the web. When you find a blog article, image, or movie you want to share, simply click on the Press This bookmarklet (Fig. 2) which will launch the miniaturized WordPress post editor in a separate pop-up window.

Fig. 2 – Click on the Press This bookmarklet in the bookmarks bar of your favorite browser to utilize it

You will see that a new blog post has already been created for you, and given a title related to the page you are currently on, as well as a link to the content itself (Fig. 3) in the text editor area. You can also add your own text and links to expand upon what has already been added automatically, as well as select your post format and add categories and tags. You also have the option to publish your post directly from the mini-editor, or save it as a draft for later publication.

Fig. 3 – The Press This mini post editor contains many of the same tools you find in the post editor of your WordPress site

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Quoting Text

Before you click on the Press This bookmarklet, highlight the text you want to share with your cursor. Upon launching Press This, you will see the highlighted text has been added to the editor automatically. (Fig. 4)

Fig. 4 – Highlighted text is automatically inserted in the mini post editor window.

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Sharing Images

Press This is also able to embed images from the page you are on. Simply click on the picture frame icon (Fig. 5) and Press This will search the page for any available images, and display them as a grid of thumbnails.

Fig. 5 – Click on the Insert Image icon to discover and embed images on the site you are visiting.

From there, pick the image you want to embed, and it will be added to your blog post automatically, as well as downloaded to your media library. The embedded image will also automatically link back to the original image so the photographer gets proper credit.

Tip: On some popular websites, such as Flickr, auto-discovery will display available images automatically.

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Sharing Videos

Press This is also able to add the embed code for videos from the page you are on. Simply click on the film strip icon (above the text editor window) and Press This will provide you with a place to add the HTMLHTML HTML is an acronym for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a markup language that is used in the development of web pages and websites. embed code (Fig. 6) for the video you want to share.

Fig. 6 – You can also use Press This to share popular videos on your WordPress site

Tip: On some popular websites, such as YouTube and Vimeo, auto-discovery will attempt to locate and add the HTML embed code automatically.