In WordPress terms, we use the word “media” to describe the images, videos, audio, and other things (in addition to the words of text you write) that you add to your pages and blog posts.

There are several ways in which you can add media to your WordPress site. Media can be added directly to the Media Library by uploading it from your computer, where you can add titles and descriptions, and prepare them for use in your Pages and Posts.

Media can also be added to your pages or posts directly, when you are creating them. Using the media uploader interface, it is possible to add images, image galleries, as well as create direct download links to other media files, such as text documents, audio and video files, etc.

To provide a richer multimedia experience, it is also possible to embed media from other sites such as Flickr, You Tube, Soundcloud, Twitter, and many more. In this case the media is not stored in your Library, but instead is embedded into your pages/post from another site instead to save on the cost and complexity of serving your own rich media content.