A Creative Commons license is a way of letting the rest of the world know what they can, and cannot, do with your site’s content. If you want to license the content of your site, you can choose a suitable license at the Creative Commons website.

Once on the Choose a License page, start by selecting what (if any) use of your content is to be allowed in the first form. The adjacent pane will then automatically update to the appropriate license based upon your choices.

Completion of the second form is optional but will allow your license information to be embedded in a machine-readable format. This will allow search engines to index additional information about your work and allow people to see information about how to attribute your work.

Finally, select the icon you’d like to use for your license (Normal or Compact), and copy the code provided in the box below. You can then paste the code into a Text Widget for display on your site.

Congratulations! Your content is now licensed under a Creative Commons License.