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Posts vs. pages

While publishing posts is the primary way to share content on your site, you can also add additional pages to make it look and feel more like a traditional website. Learn more about the difference between posts and pages here.

You can create a new post several different ways:

  1. The New Post button in the top right of the admin bar
  2. Posts -> Add New in your site’s Dashboard
  3. QuickPress in your site’s Dashboard

You can also create a new page from your site’s Dashboard by going to Pages -> Add New, and for most themes, a link to your page will automatically be displayed in your navigation menu. If using Menus, you will need to add the new page to your Menu. Appearance -> Menus

Adding images, video, and audio

You can add galleries and individual images to posts and pages. You can easily embed videos from services like YouTube and Vimeo.

More tips

You can also use one of our many mobile apps, Press This, or a desktop blogging app to post from anywhere.