Support Forum Upgrade OMGWTFBBQ Master List

I’m making US a master list 🙂 Since we have P2, we can mark them off when done. Hah. This is a sticky, so we should edit it and add more on as we make discussion posts (or trac tickets) for them.

Please note that these are things primarily needed by Moderators, not a list of general bugs etc.

Things that are ‘broken’

New Features we’d like to have

Minor bugs we know about

  • Do we need a better name than archive to ‘delete’ posts?
  • Should we have a way to confirm as spam to hide from spam view? @otto42 is looking into this
  • Would tool-tips on the action links (archive, spam, etc) help?


Have you guys read about the W org…

Have you guys read about the Forum plugins audit? –

Seems pretty important to us – I know @clorith has offered his help in some areas.

Let’s help the meta team make this happen – for omg mod notes in bbpress 2.0

Comment in the thread please!

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