WordPress 5.3 Master List

As is customary, the support team writes a Master List which gets posted to the forum with each major release, preparing responses to predicted questions and maintaining it with frequent issues, discovered bugs and so forth.

We will of course be following the same procedure with WordPress 5.3.

The preparations have been made for the layout of the post over at our GitHub repository for master lists.

Suggestions for changes can be made either as tickets or pull requests there, or as comments to this post if you’re not familiar with GitHub.


Lets Get Ready for 3.7!

Normally I do an OMGWTFBBQ post. Here’s everything in my current draft, ready for editing by everyone!

The first section is ‘Stuff we, as mods, should be aware of.’ The second is the post itself 🙂

Major changes

Auto Upgrader
* How to disable
* In order for Automatic Updates to be enabled, there are a few simple requirements:
* If the install uses FTP for updates (and prompts for credentials), automatic updates are disabled
* If the install is running as a SVN or GIT checkout, automatic updates are disabled
* If the constants DISALLOW_FILE_MODS or AUTOMATIC_UPDATER_DISABLED are defined, automatic updates are disabled
* If the constant WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE is defined as false, automatic updates are disabled
* Your WordPress install also needs to be able to contact WordPress.org over HTTPS connections, so your PHP install also needs OpenSSL installed and working
* Wp-Cron needs to be operational, if for some reason cron fails to work for your install, Automatic Updates will also be unavailable
* What gets updated?
* What changed. ONLY changed files!
* Only for minor releases (3.7 to 3.7.1 but NOT 3.7.1 to 3.8)

Less Major Changes

  • Better search results
  • Password meter
  • Visual editor (TinyMCE) updated for Internet Explorer compatibility

Under the Hood

  • New dev tools
  • New author queries
  • Multisite finally has a way to get an array of all sites on the network
  • Better inline documentation
  • Better date sorting in the posts page

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