bbPress moderation workgroup

We had a great discussion about various aspects of moderation that can be improved upon to make things better in bbPress as a whole, judging by our own experiences on the .org forums, and what some of the bbPress moderators have experienced.

There’s currently a front-end moderation ticket in bbPress (ticket 1721) which we’ve expanded on with a pretty good direction for how this can work with bulk moderation and views.

A few new tickets are also created;

Ticket 3005 which ties in with the moderator view for providing a notification to other moderators when they look at a topic if someone is already moderating this thread (to avoid crossing streams)

Ticket 3006 that covers a better workflow when splitting a reply off into its own topic

Ticket 3007 is more of an UI/UX approach on smaller devices where threads can get long as the sidebar is hidden away, as tools are often found in the sidebar it needs to be accessible from the get-go and should have a toggle to be displayed at the top when viewing the thread.

Ticket 3008 covers one of our big petpeevs, crossing the stream when performing moderation tasks (as actions are toggles)

Thanks to all who showed up to drop their thoughts and ideas, we got a lot of create actionable tickets going that will make things better in the grand picture!

You can read the full transcript in the #forums archive (A Slack account is required)


Forums: The Tools We Need

Back at WordCamp SF (in October 2014) we discussed the forum tools we needed to have in the ‘eventual’ port of the forums to bbPress 2.x. We then put it to the side because that port was miles away.

It’s getting closer, so I’m posting the notes because, as JJJ said:

Once we can compare needs to the plugins list I posted on make/meta, then we can work towards a setup where all support forums run unified code.

So please, read this list and bring up anything we’re missing or you think we should ditch.

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Have you guys read about the W org…

Have you guys read about the Forum plugins audit? –

Seems pretty important to us – I know @clorith has offered his help in some areas.

Let’s help the meta team make this happen – for omg mod notes in bbpress 2.0

Comment in the thread please!

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Howdy support folks I was just talking to…

Howdy support folks! I was just talking to @coffee2code about .org profiles, and one of the things I’d like to see happen this year is for there to be one .org profile instead of 2 to reduce user confusion. To that end we’d need to be able to do all the current support profile stuff, and to *that* end, I think we’d need to be on up-to-date bbPress.

We’ve talked about updating a number of times in the past since the plugin came out. The last time we had this conversation, the high-level agreement was that yes, running current software is good, but the current bbPress plugin has changed some of the workflow stuff that would be annoying for the support team to have to work around. Let’s kick this off!

@ipstenu: you ran down the things that made you say no to bbPress upgrade last time, could you repeat them so we can identify the things we’d need to discuss and/or put in a plugin to make upgrading bbPress on the support forums feasible from the team’s perspective? Let’s not talk about infrastructure stuff here, that’s the /meta domain. Just want to identify any features/workflow changes that would be a problem if we upgraded, so we can spec out a plugin to address those things before we do anything else.

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