No Chat Tomorrow – Next Chat Jan 8

Due to NYE recovery (and 3.5.1 push) we’re not going to have a scheduled chat until the 8th (that’s Tuesday) at the usual time.

This week, consider it open-office, or if you’d like homework, please go read Open Issues from 3.5 and comment. I’m looking for issues like ‘Google Pagespeed kills the media uploader’ 🙂 Big stuff.

See you the 8th!

  • 2100 UTC
  • 9pm London
  • 4pm US Eastern
  • 1pm US Pacific
  • 2:30am (Friday) Bangalore

IRC Meetup Recap – Dec 6

Yesterday’s meetup was going over the support points for 3.5, writing a kick ass doc (thank you @raggedrobins ) for JS debugging, tweaking the wiki, and getting the ZOMG! post ready.

Next week will probably be cleanup from 3.5 and going over anything we’ve learned to make the next time better.

Also! Starting January I want to have ‘rotating’ meeting times, since support is way worldwide. If you can comment with the best time (in UTC hours) for the IRC meetup, that will help a lot 🙂

Per discussions at the community summit Documentation is…

Per discussions at the community summit, Documentation is now a separate official contributor group. @raggedrobins will be the acting team rep. Have at it, folks!

#documentation, #teams

Handbooks: Teams and Templates

Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting in touch with people who I’d like to see involved with the handbooks. I’m going to continue to do this over the next few weeks as we get started on working. I just wanted to give you an update on teams and templates.


Here’s who we’ve got so far:

[update: am adding more people to teams as they contact me]


Daniel Bachuber
Japh Thomson

Andrea Rennick
Scott Basgaard
Christine Rondeau
Dean Robinson
Phil Erb
Mika Epstein

Plugin Dev
Pippin Williamson
Dougal Campbell
Tom McFarlin
Thomas Griffin
Maor Chasen
Justin Sainton

Theme Dev
Chris Reynolds
Tammie Lister
Rachel Baker
Jay Hoffman

Theme Review
(no one so far 🙁 )


Brandon Dove
Ryan Imel
Aaron Jorbin
Sara Rosso

(no one so far 🙁 ) Except Isaac?
Abhishek Ghosh


Zé Fontainhas


Andrea Rennick
Christine Rondeau
Dean Robinson

These things span all of the handbooks:

General help

Kari Leigh Marucchi
Abbie Sanderson

Shane Pearlman
@helenyhou or other person from UI
Mel Choyce


We definitely need more people so if you know of anyone please send them this post. Or drop me an email: siobhan at wordsforwp dot com and I’ll get in touch with them personally.


After having chats with different people in different contributor groups and reviewing the material that we have already, I’ve come up with a very loose schema that I think will work across the handbooks.


All of the things you need to start contributing to this area

Useful tools to get started

The different ways that you can get involved in this area

Tutorials & Guides
Practical guides to doing what you need to do

Glossaries etc (maybe useful email addresses etc?)

Best Practice
Coding Standards, Best Practices, UI Guidelines, UX Guidelines, Accessibility

Lists the contributors to that manual.

This is a starting point, so please do make suggestions based on your own experience. There’s always a danger when you’re creating something generic that you lose the specific, which is why I’ve tried to keep the schema as loose as possible.

Some other things

I have a chat with Brad and Pippin about the plugin development handbook. They had some great ideas to keep in mind:

  1. We should use practical examples of code that will help people to learn
  2. We need a syntax highlighter of some description. We did discuss using Gists but then our docs are reliant on Github and that not something we want

I think there may have been other things so Brad and Pippin if I’ve forgotten something please chime in. Soon we’ll get into discussions about the particularities of specific handbooks I’m sure, but I wanted to note these here for the record

Next Steps?

Next steps are as follows:

  1. Come up with schedule and workflow – I’ve got some stuff written down on this but will save for another post! Let’s aim for long term – we don’t want to burn ourselves out.
  2. Schedule some google hangouts with contributor groups and volunteers to discuss best practices
  3. Develop table of contents

Okay, phew! That was a long post again. Let me know if I’ve missed anything, please do add any suggestions or tell me where things can be improved.

Most importantly, spread the word. This is an exciting project in its beginning stages and over the next year we’ll be able to create something we’re genuinely proud of and that gets more people contributing to WordPress.

Chat Recap – Aug 30

We did a lot in an hour!
Handbook Changes

The ‘user handbook’ is now at

However this is temp! We’re going to build out at starting with a more clear Table of Contents. Once we have that done, we can bring pages over one at a time. In the mean time, edit in and when you’re done tag the page (oh yes, we haz tags!)

We’re going to try to split the handbook into ‘weeks’ with the goal of being done by WPCS. So two months! (possibly get this so it can be used by or something similar for end users on their own WP installs?)

Week One: TOC! Let’s sort out the best way to present the basic info.

Please go to and weigh in (yes, comments r good). We’re not doing a straight copy-over, but as we find pages that are relavent, we’ll sort ’em that way. Come up with what sub-topics we should have in each section. We’re trying to KISS, so think of the least technical person you know and start there. Where would they start.

The TOC will drive the next weeks topics.

Mod Handbook

The mod handbook – – needs your love too.


  • More Mods – suggestions? Comment or if you want to be private, ping me.
  • Ditto being an editor here. Just ask. As long as you have a decent track/trac record, I see no problems.
  • Sending bump-a-holics to IRC –
  • Embed IRC in a page?
  • bbPress/BuddyPress docs need lurve too!

Nacin List

@nacin’s to do 😉

  • Why no GUI editor? (@Ipstenu)
  • Tags on pages (admin only)
  • List pages by tags so people can see what needs doing

Wish List

Things @ipstenu needs to harangue @otto42 about.

  • One click to block/delete posts on the forums (for spammers)
  • Hover over tags and see who added it?
  • Can we add this above the new topic field? “Please disable or delete all plugins and switch to the default theme (Twenty Ten since 3.0). After making these changes does the problem still occur? If no, re-enable everything one by one to see which component causes the problem.”

#chat, #write-up