Agenda for May 19 Support Team Meeting

I’m gonna do an experiment and will be tagging others to help with formulating a more meaningful agenda

* WordPress 4.5.2, how’s it looking so far? – @hideokamoto @sergeybiryukov @pmfonseca @zodiac1978 @imazed @cristianozanca – Support Liaisons, would you like to share your experience from the rosetta forums?
* Image embeds on forums – @otto42
* IRC Updates – @stevesterndatacom
* Do we allow hosting threads in Forums related to the hosting page
* AOB – @clorith @jcastaneda @justingreerbbi @ipstenu @jdembowski @kmessinger @kidsguide @hardeepasrani @visserlabs @zooini @geoffreyshilling @bethannon1 @gagan0123 @tnash @alchymyth @lindsaybsc @fristopher @pixolin @edegaru @esmi @anevins @keesiemeijer @songdogtech @daviduzelac @catacaustic @adeline @stephencottontail @bcworkz @rossmitchell @numeeja @abletec – Anything you guys want to raise up?

There is also an open invitation to anyone who wants to raise up a Support, Forum or IRC issue, whether or not you’re a team member 🙂 Join us!

Team chat agenda for week #26

For any items that you may want discussed in this week’s #wordpress-sfd meetup please reply in the comments below.


Support Internship Update: Week 4

Last week I hit a bit of a rocky patch work-wise. However, after a weekend of rare sunshine and GB sporting success, followed by some words of encouragement from my mentors in our catch-up today, I’m geared up for a productive week. Here are some things I have planned:

  • One of the original goals of my internship was to help with the on-boarding process of new contributors by creating documents and training materials. I’ll be concentrating a little more on this goal now that I’m a few weeks into my internship and more familiar with how Support works.
  • In terms of offering help on the forums and the IRC channel, I’m going to try to branch out of my safe-zone and help more with topics like multi-sites and installation.
  • I’ve recently been approached regarding a project to get rid of the last bits of English found on the Welsh version of WordPress:  Any tips on internationalisation and localisation would be much appreciated.
  • I’m also looking to join the Theme Review Team this week.
  • My first WordCamp is this weekend! If you’re about in Lancaster for WordCamp UK, please do come and say hi to me.

As always, any comments or thoughts on what you think I should be doing with this internship are very much welcome. Have a good week all. 🙂

Is your Forum ID a company rep account?

When you use the forums, are you doing so as your company?

Let me know your forum ID and I’ll make your Title “Company Rep.” (or anything else officialish you want). This way folks in the forums can see you’re legit 🙂 And yes, I’ll check on you guys first 😉

Meetup – Final Lap!

Incomplete Pages:

These pages need to be done. If anyone knows an IIS/Plesk guru, please grab them and make them– Ask them nicely to help.

02 Setting Up WordPress

05 Creating Your Content With WordPress

  • Media – (@JerrySarcastic) (@JerrySarcastic)
  • – Embeds (videos etc) – (@JerrySarcastic) (@JerrySarcastic)
  • QuickPress (@JerrySarcastic) This is in The Dashboard – Quick Press
  • Press This
  • Static Front Page (@esmi)

08 Advanced WordPress

  • Importing/Exporting Content
  • Browser Issues – (@esmi)
  • Creative Commons – (@esmi)
  • Getting More Views and Traffic – (@esmi)

Cleanup/Copy Edit

All the pages need to be cleaned up for typos/content. If you have editor access, just fix it. if not, leave a comment. Also I’m going to delete the .com pages soon (like by the end of today), so then we can search for en.wordpress… and see what reeeealy needs a replacement.


Top Level Pages need a nice summary.

Next week…

Next week will just be open office hours, and minor cleanups. That weekend is WPCS, which was our goal for finishing Phase 1. Phase 2 is ‘Where do we put the handbook?’ which I suspect will be a beer filled discussion.

Moving Sept 20th Weekly Chat!

After talking to Esmi and Andrea, we’re going to test something this week (aka tomorrow).

The chat will be at UTC 2100 – That is three hours later.

  • 10pm London
  • 6pm Andrea Time
  • 5pm US Eastern
  • 2pm US Pacific
  • 2:30am (Friday) Bangalore

If this works out, we may move it permanently.

Apologies for my brevity this week, Jewish New Year + getting on a plane in 5 hours. If you have some time, please hit up anything on that isn’t checked off (or has someone’s name). If it has your name, you know what to do 😉

Post hoc ergo propter hoc approaching and defining…

Post hoc ergo propter hoc: approaching and defining support goals

Breaking out from the Codex thread below – and using, inter alia, Siobhan’s comment as a starting point, let’s get some outlining goals going on:

  • A clear division between developer docs and user docs
  • A self-contained, concise yet complete landing page for the user coming in
  • Plot a useful journey for different people who want to “learn WordPress”, from beginner to ninja/rockstar/whatever the individual wishes to be – (imho this needs to both respect that not everyone will want to do everything, nor indeed have the nouse (everyone is unique, and has their own strength), whilst respecting and encouraging the learning process – it’s a balance to ensure that eveyone gets to where _they_ want to be, with the best tools and information not where we, or anyone thinks they should be. Without passion, we’d not be here – I think at this point I’m merely restating what everyone thinks and goes without saying, but, let’s just get it documented.)

So, there’s some overlap and a meeting point with the core contributors‘ handbook, and this is where we need to be super disciplined. I know so many of us, @ipstenu, @andrea_r, @lorelle, @esmi (and everyone here, and more!) have been mulling this over for a good deal of time, so I’m just very much about grouping the discussion and the years of thought and care into a thread.

Let’s go!


Standard responses

In order to get the ball rolling, how about we all chime in with our most-use responses?

Some tools you may wish to use to make answering posts easier/faster:
Lifehacker list of alternatives for Macs

Please feel free to use and adapt these to your own needs. Personally, I find it nicer for the users if each mod has a slightly different phrase. 😉 Otherwise, we’re just support bots. 😀

#advice, #responses

Hello world!

Welcome to This is the new blog for the Support contributor team, made up of support forum moderaters and documentation contributors, as decided on the mailing lists. Anyone helping in the #wordpress IRC channel is included as well. @Ipstenu is the team rep for this group, with @esmi and @andrea_r as the backup reps per the votes we took a while back from members of the two mailing lists. I’ve added them and a couple of other people as editors on this site, and they will be adding the more active contributors in turn.

I think it would be good for us to set up a weekly IRC chat time to get things started, gain some momentum, and round up some new contributors in the process. We can identify some common goals among the more active contributors to focus on at first, and put together a schedule for how to move forward.

I have several goals for this group based on the surveys and feedback from the community that I’d like to see accomplished over the coming months:

  • Create a guide to contributing to WordPress support.
  • Start a mentorship program for potential support volunteers to help them ramp up with confidence.
  • Handbooks! Field Guides! Whatever we call it, discrete, targeted pieces of documentation tied to specific releases and each curated by a single editor for the sake of consistency and accountability (separate from the ongoing wiki that is the Codex), that can be viewed, downloaded, or printed. This will take a lot of discussion, so we should schedule a chat about this sooner rather than later to get started on the one for end users. Other contributor groups will also be tackling handbooks specific to their areas (core contributors, etc.).
  • Start tracking stats around support activities and sharing them with the broader community.
  • Make a plan for improvements to the support forums.
  • Make a plan for how to best bubble up support issues to the core development team.

What are your goals for this group? Introduce yourself so everyone knows who everyone else is, say a little bit about your background and your general activity level as a WP support volunteer, and let us know your goals for the group are and what you think we should focus on first. Also mention your location/time zone, for the sake of being able to set up an IRC chat. Thanks!