Trac Tickets for 3.8 (AKA: Support Works Backwards)

I made a ticket for a weird caching issue:

I think the ONLY other one that’s jumping out now is the plugins page is blank. If you’ve managed to solve that one (all I can see is ‘host fixed it!’), reply here. This is probably related to @andrea_r‘s comment:

WordPress 3.6 Beta has landed for @andrea r’s…

WordPress 3.6-Beta has landed for @andrea_r‘s birthday.

WordPress 3.6 Beta 1

PLEASE test 🙂 I will send you cookies.

Again with a meetup

The awesome Jerry is taking on Gravatars because it fits with the user section he has just completed.

HTTPS is still up for grabs.

Some proofreading going on and we’re wondering if we can un-techie “install on your own server” for newbies. Maybe soften it to “your web host”.

Jerry has moved “your Profile” from chapter 7 and put it under “Managing Users on your WordPress Site” in Ch06.

Also we noted about being careful with internal linking in the manual, depending on final home.

Fastest meetup ever! There were only 3 of us.

Today’s Meetup

In keeping with my whirlwhind crazy, I may miss today’s meetup (there was a baby born!). In case I miss it, here’s a quick update of who needs to do what 🙂

@jerrysarcastic – You’ve got ‘Adding Users’ which needs to get done.
@ericlewis – It looks like you finished comments (yay!) so remember to check it off on 😉
@andrea_r and @ipstenu – Multisite, you lazy moving pair!


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I cannot express how awesome you all are for getting us this far so fast!

Post hoc ergo propter hoc approaching and defining…

Post hoc ergo propter hoc: approaching and defining support goals

Breaking out from the Codex thread below – and using, inter alia, Siobhan’s comment as a starting point, let’s get some outlining goals going on:

  • A clear division between developer docs and user docs
  • A self-contained, concise yet complete landing page for the user coming in
  • Plot a useful journey for different people who want to “learn WordPress”, from beginner to ninja/rockstar/whatever the individual wishes to be – (imho this needs to both respect that not everyone will want to do everything, nor indeed have the nouse (everyone is unique, and has their own strength), whilst respecting and encouraging the learning process – it’s a balance to ensure that eveyone gets to where _they_ want to be, with the best tools and information not where we, or anyone thinks they should be. Without passion, we’d not be here – I think at this point I’m merely restating what everyone thinks and goes without saying, but, let’s just get it documented.)

So, there’s some overlap and a meeting point with the core contributors‘ handbook, and this is where we need to be super disciplined. I know so many of us, @ipstenu, @andrea_r, @lorelle, @esmi (and everyone here, and more!) have been mulling this over for a good deal of time, so I’m just very much about grouping the discussion and the years of thought and care into a thread.

Let’s go!


Codex work

We should probably get a conversation going not only about needed Codex work but *how* to approach a better structure and how to get the work done.

I’m leaning towards a re-org and maybe a bit of a division between users docs and programmer notes. A good example of this the Pages page. It starts out as a user doc then jumps right into code.

Things like Handbooks need to be sorted out and linked to as well.

I think if we could sort out the right approach first and focus on specific pages or topics later, then we’d start making big progress. Possible if we even approached it like a WP dev cycle, with clear targets and a deadline.

Possibly a mentorship program as well, wehre we could round up people to help and start handing out assignments and being there to keep people on task and for any questions they have.

All thoughts welcome here. 🙂

#codex, #docs

Hello world!

Welcome to This is the new blog for the Support contributor team, made up of support forum moderaters and documentation contributors, as decided on the mailing lists. Anyone helping in the #wordpress IRC channel is included as well. @Ipstenu is the team rep for this group, with @esmi and @andrea_r as the backup reps per the votes we took a while back from members of the two mailing lists. I’ve added them and a couple of other people as editors on this site, and they will be adding the more active contributors in turn.

I think it would be good for us to set up a weekly IRC chat time to get things started, gain some momentum, and round up some new contributors in the process. We can identify some common goals among the more active contributors to focus on at first, and put together a schedule for how to move forward.

I have several goals for this group based on the surveys and feedback from the community that I’d like to see accomplished over the coming months:

  • Create a guide to contributing to WordPress support.
  • Start a mentorship program for potential support volunteers to help them ramp up with confidence.
  • Handbooks! Field Guides! Whatever we call it, discrete, targeted pieces of documentation tied to specific releases and each curated by a single editor for the sake of consistency and accountability (separate from the ongoing wiki that is the Codex), that can be viewed, downloaded, or printed. This will take a lot of discussion, so we should schedule a chat about this sooner rather than later to get started on the one for end users. Other contributor groups will also be tackling handbooks specific to their areas (core contributors, etc.).
  • Start tracking stats around support activities and sharing them with the broader community.
  • Make a plan for improvements to the support forums.
  • Make a plan for how to best bubble up support issues to the core development team.

What are your goals for this group? Introduce yourself so everyone knows who everyone else is, say a little bit about your background and your general activity level as a WP support volunteer, and let us know your goals for the group are and what you think we should focus on first. Also mention your location/time zone, for the sake of being able to set up an IRC chat. Thanks!